Famous Virus Tales of Christmas Past

To start December here are some versions of Xmas tales that only a virologist would love. Happy holidays to all!

“Twas the Night Before Coronavirus” – Santa isn’t the only thing sneaking into the house this winter!

“A Christmas Calicivirus” – A crotchety old man discovers that it is better to give than receive (viruses that is).

“Gift of the Myoviridae” – A young couple exchange the most personal gifts of all – viral infection.

“It’s a Wonderful Lentivirus” – An unhappy man finds that the greatest things in life are free – like viruses.

“How the Geminivirus Stole Christmas” – A lonely and bitter virus discovers the true joy of spreading a Christmas infection.

“Frosty the Sindbis Virus” – A magical story about a nucleoprotein complex that briefly comes alive.

“Rudolph the Rednose Rotavirus” – An outcast rotavirus discovers that sometimes even mutants can save the day.

“A Cytomegalovirus Story” – A young boy’s quest for his ideal Christmas present is seemingly thwarted by everyone around him (“you’ll get an eye infection”).

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